Dieudonne: Shadows' Embrace

The Celestial Weaver Dragons are the most elusive and mystical breed, believed to be the genesis dragons from an age long forgotten. These ancient beings were said to have woven the fabric of reality itself, intertwining the threads of time and space. Their existence is shrouded in legend, with sightings so rare that many consider them a myth. However, the elders of Draconis whisper tales of these majestic creatures, guardians of the cosmos, whose awakening heralds epochs of prosperity and harmony.

Characteristics: Celestial Weaver Dragons possess an ethereal beauty, with scales that shimmer in the light of the stars and eyes that reflect the vastness of the universe. Their movements are graceful and fluid, akin to the celestial bodies moving across the night sky. Unlike other dragons, their presence is often felt rather than seen, as they can traverse the boundaries of the physical and astral planes.

Habitat: The Celestial Weaver Dragons do not reside in Draconis alone but in the very fabric of existence. They are said to inhabit the celestial realms, only descending upon Draconis in times of great need or during rare celestial events.

Special Abilities: ???

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