NFT Converter System

In DragonRaceAI, a feature allows players to transform sprites into game riders or dragons and obtain corresponding rider NFTs through a specific conversion mechanism. Here is the detailed process of this functionality:

Conversion Mechanism

  • Sprite Collection: Players need to collect 10 sprites as the base material for conversion.

  • Insertion into the Converter: Players place these 10 sprites into a specific converter within the game.

  • Value Calculation: The converter automatically calculates the total value of the 10 sprites, which fluctuates between Class 7 to Class 9.

  • Conversion Process: Based on the calculated value, players can trigger the conversion process.

  • Obtaining Items: The conversion results in two possibilities:

    • A 10% chance to obtain a dragon NFT.

    • A 90% chance to obtain a rider NFT.

Implementation Steps

  • Value Assessment Algorithm: Develop an algorithm to assess the total value of the 10 sprites and determine the type of item obtained after conversion.

  • Randomness Algorithm: Use a fair randomness algorithm to decide whether players receive a dragon NFT or a rider NFT.

  • NFT Minting: Based on the conversion results, automatically mint the corresponding dragon or rider NFT and send it to the player's blockchain wallet address.

  • Transaction Records: Record detailed information about each conversion in the system backend, including the value assessment of the sprites, conversion results, and the generated NFT.

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