During the race, players can collect items from crates, which can be used to either hinder other dragons or provide assistance on the track. Dragons also possess unique abilities that, when utilized strategically, can offer advantages during the race, along with a Burst system to speed up at critical moments.

Engage in a variety of game modes available:

Sky Circuit Racing Mode: Race your premier dragon against 4 competitors across a randomly selected skyway. Aim to be the first to breach the finish line for rewards.

Dragon Team Arena(TBC): Form alliances in Solo Battle with random players to compete against 3 other factions for supremacy.

Clan Tournament Mode(TBC): Become part of a clan, participate in Clan Tournaments, and assist your clan in ascending the Season Leaderboard.

In both the standard racing and "Combat" modes, 4 competitors vie for victory, earning rewards based on their track position and variations in their rankings. These rewards can be used to enhance dragons for more formidable races in DragonRaceAI.

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