Dragon System

In DragonRaceAI, players will have the opportunity to collect and train five different types of dragons, four of which are regular types and the fifth being a special version, to be issued as NFTs on the Ethereum mainnet. These dragons not only boast unique appearances but also possess six different characteristics that determine their performance and strategy in races:

  • Resilience

  • Power

  • Magic Affinity

  • Bond Strength

  • Strategic

  • Agility

Each dragon will have a level (LV), which will determine the class of race they can participate in. The relationship between level and class is as follows:

  • LV 1-100: CLASS 9

  • LV 101-200: CLASS 8

  • And so on, up to the highest level.

Dragons in DragonRaceAI are distinguished as male and female, a distinction that not only affects the breeding mechanism but may also influence interactions in certain races or tasks.

Moreover, each dragon's race participation record will be meticulously documented, including their performance in each race, the positions they achieve, and any special accomplishments. These records not only add depth and engagement to the game but also allow players to track the growth and racing history of their dragons, providing valuable information for future racing strategies.

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