User Record Functionality

RaceRecord Functionality

  • Database Query: The system searches for relevant race records in the backend database using information provided by the player.

  • Display Results: Displays the found race records, including date, race type (e.g., CLASS 9 to CLASS 1), race outcomes, the level of the participating dragons, and special performances (such as acquired trait bonuses).

  • Filtering and Sorting: Offers filtering options, such as by date, race type, or results, making it easier for players to find specific race records.

  • Race Participation Details: For each race, an additional detail link is provided, allowing players to view more information about the race, such as specific scores, opponent information, and race replays.


  • Blockchain Wallet Integration: The backend system needs to integrate with blockchain wallet services to support transactions with various cryptocurrencies. This may include compatibility with mainstream blockchains like Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

  • Security: Security mechanisms must be at the core of the design, including the use of HTTPS protocol, encrypted storage of private keys, and two-factor authentication.

  • API Interface: Develop a set of API interfaces that allow frontend applications to communicate with the backend system to perform deposit and withdrawal operations.


  • Address Generation: Generate a unique wallet address for each player for depositing funds.

  • Transaction Confirmation: Monitor transactions on the blockchain, automatically confirming transactions and updating the player's account balance once funds are sent to the address.

  • Transaction Records: All deposit operations should be recorded in the database, including transaction ID, amount, timestamp, and player ID.


  • Withdrawal Request: Players initiate a withdrawal request, inputting the target wallet address and amount.

  • Verification Process: Implement a verification process to ensure the legitimacy of the request, which may include password confirmation and two-factor authentication.

  • Transaction Handling: The backend performs the withdrawal operation, sending funds from the in-game wallet to the specified external wallet address.

  • Fees: Consider transaction fees to ensure players understand any costs that may incur during the withdrawal process.

User Interface and Experience

  • Provide a user-friendly interface and experience, simplifying the process of managing transactions and enhancing player engagement with the financial aspects of the game.

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