Frontier Realms Zero

The Grand Confluence of Empires. Immerse yourself in the intense turmoil of 64 vs 64 confrontations, as kingdoms vie for unparalleled supremacy." Web 2.0 + 3.0 Gaming ecosystem
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    Game Objective
Players will enter the world of "Fantasy Continent" and first select a country as their place of birth. The objective for players is to gather Ethershard, construct towns, train armies, form alliances, participate in wars between countries, and ultimately make their nation the ruler of Aeloria.
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    Web3 and NFT Elements
Within the game, Web3 technology ensures that all player transactions are transparent and tamper-proof.
  • Ethershard NFT: This is the primary resource in the game. Each Ethershard is a unique NFT. Players can mine, trade, or use them to upgrade equipment and structures.
  • Equipment NFT: In-game equipment (such as swords, shields, staffs, etc.) are all based on NFTs. Players can craft, upgrade, or trade equipment through gathering Ethershard or other methods.
  • Land NFT: Every piece of land is a unique NFT. Players can purchase, trade, or develop land. Lands can be used for building structures, mining resources, or planting crops.
Players can also utilize Web3 technology to showcase their in-game achievements.
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    Game Background
"Frontier Realms Zero" is set on a mysterious landmass known as "Aeloria." Aeloria is a world comprised of five major kingdoms:
  • Kingdom of Dieudonne: A realm shrouded in perpetual darkness, filled with mystery and the unknown. Its inhabitants have learned to live in the dark and are curious about the light of other kingdoms.
  • Calaadia Kingdom: A land of vast deserts and ancient pyramids, bathed in eternal sunlight. The people here are accustomed to high temperatures and intense sun, skilled at finding resources for survival in the desert.
  • Ledell Kingdom: This expansive jungle is the homeland of elves and beasts alike. The dense trees and lush greenery make it a mysterious and vibrant kingdom.
  • Phoenix Kingdom: A nation reborn from its own ashes, much like the mythical phoenix its name implies. The people here frequently celebrate renewal and deeply respect the power of rebirth and regeneration.
  • Minas United: In this fantastical kingdom, magic permeates every aspect of daily life. The residents are skilled spellcasters who seek to further understand the secrets of magic."
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