đŸ”ĩMinas United

Lustrous Sands Beneath

Background: The Magic Lands of Minas United were born when the realms of reality and fantasy collided. This junction created a powerful arcane energy, which the people of Minas harnessed to become the world's most potent sorcerers. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and the threat of corruption constantly looms.

War Design in Game: In Minas, battles are as much a test of strategy as they are of magical prowess. Players can utilize a vast array of spells and enchantments, but must also be wary of "Arcane Overload" – using too much magic in a short time can leave them vulnerable.

Elowen, The Timeless Scribe: Cloaked in robes embroidered with shimmering runes, Elowen is an ageless mage whose eyes have witnessed countless epochs. Her silver hair, cascading to her waist, holds quills that pen the world's destiny. Her spellbook, ancient and boundless, is said to contain the chronicles of time itself.


  • Chronomancer's Quill: With a swift stroke, Elowen can freeze an enemy in time or hasten an ally's actions.

  • Temporal Rift: She summons a portal that can transport allies or displace foes.

  • Ethereal Pages: Elowen releases pages from her spellbook that seek out enemies, wrapping them in tales of old, immobilizing them with stories.

Alden, The Mystic Librarian: Tall and unassuming, Alden is always seen with a stack of magical tomes. His deep blue robes seem to ripple with astral energy. Behind spectacles, his eyes glint with an insatiable curiosity. Alden believes that for every problem, there exists a spell solution within a book.


  • Literary Lash: Alden casts spells directly from his books, releasing a barrage of magic at his enemies.

  • Codex Shield: He invokes a protective barrier made of arcane pages to absorb incoming damage.

  • Tome of Transference: Alden opens a book that can absorb harmful effects from allies and store them until needed.

Liliana, Enchantress of the Forbidden Scroll: Ethereal and enigmatic, Liliana's attire is weaved from scripts of forbidden spells. Her raven-black hair is braided with magical seals, and her eyes, one gold and one silver, suggest a duality of magic. With a forbidden scroll in hand, she treads the line between light and dark.


  • Sealed Fate: Liliana reads aloud a curse, weakening or ensnaring her enemies.

  • Arcane Absorption: She unravels a part of her scroll, drawing in magical attacks and enhancing her next spell.

  • Scripted Descent: With a chant, Liliana levitates and rains down enchanted ink, marking foes for impending doom.

In the heart of Minas United, magic and literature intertwine seamlessly. As history is penned and spells are woven, these champions harness the profound power of the arcane, each guided by their unique magical tomes and scrolls. Their stories are tales of wisdom, power, and the undying pursuit of magical mastery.

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