War Phase II


  • Post-keep construction, there's a sequence of events before the war begins: a 1-minute declaration, a 2-minute preparation, and a 3-minute wait.

Declaration of War (1 Minute):

  • Side Selection: Only map-present players can pick. Typically, the first five are those who approved the keep.

  • Interface: A sword icon appears for side selection.

  • Caution: Monsters still roam, and army chat is unified—strategize in party channels.

War Preparation (2 Minutes):

  • Participant Filter: Non-aligned players are removed. Only involved nations' members can join; third-party nations wait.

  • Player Positioning: Attackers spawn beside the keep.

  • Environment: Monsters disappear.

  • Teams: Attackers in orange; defenders in blue. Chats become team-specific.

  • Conclusion: Attackers move to the keep, defenders to the castle.

  • Tip: Enhance gear now and heal early—remember, item use drains resources!

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