Participation in War

Participation in War

  • On the continental map, you have the choice to declare war or join an ongoing battle.

  • Depending on the map's risk and reward level, you can opt to participate in either the High Rise Zone or Low Rise Zone. The High Rise Zone offers greater rewards but comes with higher risks, whereas the Low Rise Zone has moderate rewards and reduced risks.

  • Choose a map that is currently in battle to participate. Factors to consider when joining include the war's preparatory status, ongoing battles, and the difference in participants between the two sides.

  • If the map is full, you'll be placed in a waiting queue. Right-click the "Wait" button to cancel.

Nation and War Qualifications

  • If the war involves your nation, you must represent your nation.

  • When joining as a third party or mercenary, territorial relationships are disregarded. However, you should opt for the side with fewer participants.

War Participation Limits

  • Each faction can have a maximum of 64 participants.

  • The allowed difference in participant numbers between the two warring sides will vary depending on the total number on the map.

Declaration of War

  • Constructing a "fortress" on the map allows for a war declaration. But, there are specific conditions to fulfill before building.

Building the StrongHold

  • Verify the map status: either in a state of conquest or truce.

  • Pick a location for the fortress, ideally around a 4-minute straight-line distance from the enemy castle.

  • A minimum of four individuals must approve the fortress's location. If declined, attempts can be made every 30 seconds.

Zones Consideration

  • High Rise Zone: Participating in wars in this zone means bigger rewards, but with a heightened risk. If your side is defeated, you may lose more resources, and the death penalty (gear drop) is higher at 50%.

  • Low Rise Zone: This zone is recommended for those who prefer a balanced risk-to-reward ratio. Rewards are moderate, and the death penalty (gear drop) is set at 10%.

Other Points

  • Monsters become increasingly powerful the further the fortress is from the capital. Hence, scouting and fortress construction are typically duties reserved for the scouts.

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