War Phase III

Objective: Reduce the enemy's HP to zero. This can be achieved through expansion, attacking enemy infantry, and using structures or summons which require varying amounts of crystals.

1. Duration:

  • Maximum war duration is 55 minutes.

  • You can't participate in another war within these 55 minutes.

  • You can exit the ongoing war but can't join another. If you re-enter, your score remains, but if you don’t return post-war, you forfeit rewards.

2. Consequences of Defeat:

  • Death costs you three crystals.

  • Respawn at your base after 14 seconds, fully healed.

  • Each subsequent death adds 3 seconds to the respawn time, capping at 29 seconds after the 6th death.

  • Your death inflicts damage on your keep, increasing with your level.

3. Victory Criteria:

  • Attackers: Destroy the Enemy's Castle/Base.

  • Defenders: Destroy the Attacker's Keep/Base or endure until time runs out. Typically, wars end when HP is depleted; time-outs are rare.

4. Base Damage Mechanics:

  • Base HP is visible at the top. When it's depleted, the battle's victor is determined. Intermediate bars represent territory control.

    • Direct Assault: Least effective as reaching and damaging the base yields minimal harm.

    • Defeating Opponents: Higher-level enemies cause more damage to the keep when defeated.

    • Demolishing Structures: Different structures equate to enemy kills in damage.

      • Obelisk: 6-25 kills

      • Eclipse: 2-6 kills

      • Defend Tower: 4 kills

    • Territory Control: Holds the most potential for damage. Controlling more territory increases damage to the enemy base, peaking at 56%.

5. Strategy Tips:

  • Stay alive.

  • Utilize potions.

  • In close battles, every death is pivotal.

6. Communication:

  • Keep chat brief and clear, from summon updates to crystal requests.

  • Reporting summons is crucial.

7. Summoning

Please refer to the summoning page for more details.

  • Action of Summoned Entity: When players perform a summon, they will take on the action of the summoned entity.

  • Requirements: Certain summons require specific buildings as well as a certain number of crystals. However, keep in mind that the quantity of crystals is limited, so summons should be used judiciously.

  • Class Changes: When summoning, class bonuses and sub-bonuses will change.

  • HP Dynamics: During the summon, the summoned entity will appear with full HP, and when you desummon, your HP will revert to its previous state.

  • Available Summons: Currently, only six types of summons are available.

Rainbow Summoning Platform:

  1. Architechure God (40 Crystals): Despite its slower movement speed, it can deal significant damage to buildings.

  2. Centaur (40 Crystals): The primary purpose of this summon is to construct any objects in a short period or to counteract enemy summons.

Obsidian Summoning Platform:

  1. Gadjiltron (80 Crystals): This summon possesses various skills, specifically designed to inflict medium damage to enemies.

  2. WarGod (100 Crystals): This is a summon specialized for infantry combat, capable of blinding nearby enemies.

Players must select the appropriate summoning platform and summons based on their strategies and the current game environment. Since different summons require varying amounts of crystals, players must make decisions with utmost caution.

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