🟡Phoenix Kingdom

Resurgence from Ash

Background: Named after the legendary bird, Phoenix Kingdom values the lessons of the past, building its future atop its own ruins. With every downfall, they rise stronger, embodying the spirit of the phoenix. Fire festivals, celebrating rebirth and renewal, light up the nights here.

War Design in Game: In the Phoenix Kingdom, as structures are destroyed in war, they can be quickly rebuilt or even enhanced, reflecting the nation's belief in rebirth. Combat here is marked by the strategic destruction and reconstruction of fortifications.

Aria Queen, Flameborn Sovereign: Aria is an ethereal being, with fiery feathers seamlessly transitioning into her humanoid form. Her hair, a cascade of burning orange and gold, seems to flicker and dance like the flames. Eyes glowing like molten lava, they bear the weight of countless rebirths. Aria's gown, woven from the purest flames, radiates a gentle warmth and embodies the heart of the Phoenix Kingdom.


  • Blazing Rebirth: Upon mortal injury, Aria is consumed in fire, only to be reborn moments later, rejuvenated.

  • Solar Flare: A burst of energy, channeled from her phoenix lineage, that blinds and scorches her enemies.

  • Firewalk: Aria can traverse any terrain by turning it momentarily into molten lava, making it impassable for foes.

Xeran, Keeper of the Ember: Xeran, robust and sturdy, has skin of ash-gray with ember-like markings glowing beneath. His beard seems like smoldering coal, and his eyes, amber with sparkles, tell tales of countless rebirth cycles. His armor, made from cooled lava, houses a single glowing ember at its core, symbolizing the eternal fire of life.


  • Ember Resonance: Xeran can resonate with the dormant embers in the land, igniting them to create barriers or pathways.

  • Ashen Cloak: Upon receiving damage, Xeran disintegrates into ash, only to reform a short distance away, unscathed.

  • Cinder Strike: A powerful melee attack that leaves a burning trail in its wake.

Lyria, Dawn's Herald: Lyria is slender and graceful, her features sharp yet elegant. Her wings, a blend of the softest rose and fiery crimson, spread wide and majestic. Her dress, made from dawn's first light, sparkles with the colors of the early morning sky. She embodies the moment when night gives way to day, a symbol of constant rebirth.


  • Morning's Embrace: Lyria can heal wounds by wrapping her allies in the gentle embrace of dawn's light.

  • Twilight Veil: She envelops her surroundings in the soft hues of twilight, disorienting enemies and making allies invisible.

  • Daybreak Descent: A dive attack from the sky that engulfs enemies in brilliant light, damaging and stunning them.

Together, these guardians represent the ethos of the Phoenix Kingdom. Their tales of sacrifice, rebirth, and unyielding spirit resonate with every heart in the realm, inspiring them to rise from adversity, stronger and brighter.

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