📜War bonds

"WAR BONDS" are not only an economic tool within the game but also a crucial part of a player's strategy. An important part of game balance.

WAR BONDS: Economy & Strategy

"WAR BONDS" are not only an economic tool within the game but also form an integral part of a player's strategy. When players purchase bonds from a specific nation, they are essentially betting on how that nation will fare in the upcoming wars. This encourages players to focus more on global events in the game rather than just their direct actions.

Weekly Battles: Ongoing Global Dynamics

Every week, five nations are constantly at war, pushing players to consistently observe which nation is on the rise and which might be on the decline. This continuous state of warfare adds dynamism and unpredictability to the game, making players continually adjust their strategies.

Time Value: Ever-Changing Investment Landscape

Similar to the real-world stock and options market, bond prices can fluctuate rapidly and dramatically. All nations have an issuing price of 10 for WAR BONDS, but prices will balance due to the previous week's game performance. The nation that performed the worst would be more attractive to investors. This means players need to be constantly vigilant of the market and make swift decisions to ensure maximum returns.

High Rise Zone (HRZ) and Low Rise Zone (LRZ): Geographical Strategic Layers

The game map clearly marks these two zones. HRZ represents important urban or strategic locations, while LRZ might be rural or less significant areas. Controlling these zones directly impacts a nation's economic and strategic status.

Scoring Differential: Rewarding High-Risk Investments

Since HRZ regions are more strategically vital, controlling these areas yields double the points of the LRZ. This pushes players to weigh risk against reward, deciding whether to engage in riskier battles to control these high-scoring areas.

Central Zone: Highest Returns but Highest Risks

The Central Zone is the most important part of the entire game map. Controlling it offers scores ten times that of LRZ. However, due to its importance, this zone might also become the primary war target for all players, making the quest for its control highly risky.

Strategy and Decision Making Players need to decide if they will allocate their resources to HRZ or the Central Zone, or opt for more stable but potentially lower returns in the LRZ. This adds depth to the game's strategy, where players must make decisions based on their strategies and the current state of the game.

Settlement: Weekly Climax Settlement day marks the end of the weekly wars, determining which players made the right investment decisions. This provides a tense and exhilarating moment each week, with players eagerly waiting to see if their bond investments paid off.

Game Refresh: A New Beginning The weekly refresh ensures the game doesn't fall into a repetitive pattern. With the reissuing of WAR BONDS and a starting price of 10, every player is given a chance to start afresh in the new week.

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