War Phase IV

When either side's HP drops to zero, the war concludes, and the victor assumes control of the map. Upon conclusion, each player is awarded EXP, Rings, and potential Points.

  • Outcome

    • If the attackers prevail -> Occupation

    • If the defenders win -> Ceasefire

Note: Should the map be taken over after the set time limit, mission maps remain unaffected. It still counts if your nation controls the map at the end of the time limit but loses it afterward (given the map is currently in war).

  • Transition Period: Occupation and Ceasefire

    • Duration: 12 minutes

    • State:

      • If the defenders are victorious, the state becomes Ceasefire; if the attackers win, it's Occupation.

    • Actions:

      • With the map in Ceasefire, the nation with Ceasefire maps can attack adjacent maps.

      • Monsters make their reappearance 4 minutes into the Transition Period.

    • Death Penalty: During this period, no death penalties are applied.

    • Peace Transition: The map transitions to a state of peace after 7 minutes.

  • Rewards & Penalties

    • Post-war rewards are based on outcomes; for detailed information, see the Results section.

    • You can organize rankings by various categories.

    • Your rewards decrease with every death you encounter.

    • Players cannot advance more than two levels in a single war.

Note: After the war concludes, players must manually leave the map; there's no automatic exit once the war ends.

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