KingDom War-System (KvK)

As previously mentioned, the KvK mechanism pits entire kingdoms against one another in large-scale 64 vs 64 wars. These wars determine territorial control, resource acquisition, and are a true testame

Pre-War Preparation:

  • Recruitment Phase: Kingdom leaders and officials have one week to assemble a 64-person team from active players within their kingdom.

  • Strategy Sessions: Kingdoms can conduct strategic meetings, planning attacks, defenses, and coordinating with allied kingdoms.

  • High and Low Risk Zones: Depending on the map's risk and reward levels, you can choose to participate in the High Risk Zone or Low Risk Zone. The High Risk Zone offers greater rewards but comes with higher risks, while the Low Risk Zone offers moderate rewards with reduced risks.

Battle Mechanism:

  • Map Layout: The KvK war takes place in a neutral territory called "The Battlegrounds of Aeloria". This map integrates terrains from all five kingdoms, ensuring no home advantage.

  • Capture Points: Various capture points are scattered across the map. Holding these points provides resources and strategic advantages.

  • Kingdom Base: Each kingdom has a central base. The primary objective is to defend your base while trying to capture the enemy's.

  • Battle Duration: The war starts on Monday and continues for an entire week, concluding on Sunday. Kingdoms must remain vigilant round the clock and strategically plan to ensure victory. The outcome will be determined by the number of capture points held by the end of Sunday or whether an enemy base has been captured.


  • Territorial Expansion: The winning kingdom can expand its territory on the main Aeloria map.

  • Resource Bonus: The victor receives a significant bonus in kingdom resources, aiding in construction, research, and player development.

  • Honor and Titles: The best performers in the KvK war are awarded titles and unique cosmetics to showcase their prowess.


  • Recovery Period: After the KvK war, there's a one-week truce, allowing kingdoms to recover, rebuild, and strategize for the next conflict.

  • Trade and Diplomacy: Kingdoms can choose to form alliances, sign trade agreements, or even non-aggression pacts with others.

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